Refer A Friend

Earn Easy $$$ AND Support Local Business
Unlock the power of your network with Studio 89’s lucrative referral program! Imagine turning your connections into cash – it’s simple and rewarding.
For every new client you refer to us who signs up for our website services, you’ll pocket an easy $50. But why stop there? Bring us a hosting customer, and that’s another $50 in your bank. And for the ultimate referral? Introduce us to someone who needs both a website and hosting, and you’ll score a whopping $100!
It’s our way of saying thanks for spreading the word about Studio 89’s exceptional services.
Start referring today and watch your earnings soar!*

Are you ready to make a difference and earn some easy cash along the way? We’ve got an opportunity that’s all about supporting local business while padding your wallet! Dive into an opportunity that not only benefits your local economy but also rewards you for your participation. It’s simple, it’s rewarding, and it’s a win-win for everyone involved. Get on board, spread the word, and let’s make an impact together.

Let’s thrive, together! #SupportLocal #EarnRewards #CommunityStrong

*(All referral fees paid after confirmed customer invoices are paid. All fees paid by Zelle.)

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